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This Bodycool Towel is a quick and easy way to refresh and cool yourself.

You stay comfortably cool during work, sports and recreational activities.


The INUTEQ-H2O® technology offers a high standard in evaporative cooling. The INUTEQ-H2O® Cooling towel is activated by dipping it in water for 2 minutes. After the excess water has been gently squeezed out, the product is ready for use.

Depending on the ambient temperature, humidity and amount of airflow, the cooling towel will cool you from 5°C to 15°C below the ambient temperature for between 2 and 8 hours.


“Geographical zone may affect”


The towel is 78 cm long and 33 cm wide and antibacterial.


Multi-Use: Sports | work | leisure | healthcare | motorcycling | military | For animals |


Benefits of the comfortable Body Cooling Towel

– Lower skin temperature

– Better concentration

– Optimal comfort

– Less moisture loss

– More energy

– Antibacterial

– Light weight

– CE approved


How does the towel work?

Activation is simple. Before first use, soak the towel in warm water for a minute and let it dry completely. Then soak the towel in clean water for another two minutes and gently squeeze out the excess. Your towel is now ready to use and will keep you comfortably cool for several hours. For storage, keep your towel in the special storage tube. The Body Cooling Towel can be kept moist or hung up to dry. The towel will become stiff when fully dried.


Can the towel be washed in the wash?

– The towel can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

– The towel cannot be put in the dryer!


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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 8 × 7.25 × 28 cm